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    • A Novel Procedure for Quick Design of Off-Grid PV Water Pumping Systems for Irrigation 

      Klimenta, Dardan; Lekić, Julijana; Arsić, Sanela; Tasić, Dragan; Krstić, Nikola; Radosavljević, Dragana (Elektronika ir Elektrotechnika, 2021-03)
      It is known that meteorological variables from meteorological online services can be used for the design of photovoltaic (PV) water pumping systems for irrigation. The software LORENTZ COMPASS in such a manner uses as ...
    • Optimal power flow and prices in the electricity market using the hybrid PPSOGSA algorithm 

      Jevtić, Milena; Jevtić, Miroljub; Radosavljević, Jordan; Arsić, Sanela; Klimenta, Dardan (Conference: International Scientific Conference “UNITECH 2020” – Gabrovo, 2020-11)
      In this paper, the PPSOGSA algorithm is proposed to optimize the nodal prices and power flows transacted between the tiers of the supply chain (SC) in a deregulated electricity market. The hybrid PPSOGSA algorithm is a ...
    • Phasor particle swarm optimization for solving problem of pricing in electricity market 

      Jevtić, Milena; Jevtić, Miroljub; Radosavljević, Jordan; Klimenta, Dardan; Arsić, Sanela (Conference: International Scientific Conference “UNITECH 2021” – Gabrovo, 2021-11)
      Minimization of fuel costs in thermal power plants by adjusting electric power outputs from generators represents important problem in power system operation and control. This problem affects also merit order and pricing ...