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  • Framework for Open Data Mining in e-Government 

    Milić, Petar; Veljković, Nataša; Stoimenov, Leonid (ACM, 2012)
    Data mining in e-government is the process of translating data from government web site in useful knowledge that can provide various types of support in decision making. Data mining can be applied to any type of data, but ...
  • One approach for eliminating commutative pairs of elements in web applications 

    Milić, Petar; Veljković, Nataša (FACTA UNIVERSITATIS Series: Automatic Control and Robotics, 2017)
    Nowadays web applications contain graphical elements which are often connected in a way that reflects relationship between them. Connections have different structure depending on needs of application. A common type of ...
  • Comparative Analysis of Metadata Models e-Government Open Data Platforms 

    Milić, Petar; Veljković, Nataša; Stoimenov, Leonid (IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing, 2018)
    E-government open data platforms use metadata to provide an adequate environment for the consumption of data released on these platforms. Metadata enable the machine processing of information in a structured manner. Given ...